Dating Let’s All Go to the Lobby: 1951!

    The upper blue graphic from the June 1948 issue of INSPIRATION shows Filmack employing anthropomorphized candy characters, several years before Dave Fleischer would immortalize similar ones in his Filmack-produced, Technicolor Refreshment Trailer No. 1 (aka the National Film Registry title, Let’s All Go to the Lobby).

    The green image beneath is the full-page inside cover of INSPIRATION’s August, 1951 issue—-the first Filmack ad promoting what was destined to become the paramount example of concessions snipes. Importantly, as my forthcoming AMIA article outlines, INSPIRATION enables us to date Let’s All Go to the Lobby to 1951 (six years earlier than the NFR originally dated the movie) and consider it within the context of diminishing market shares among indoor theatre owners facing of the explosion of the immediate post-war drive-in industry.